2017 Equestrian Competition

       2017 Equestrian Competition
Skowhegan Fairgrounds
Skowhegan, Maine
Saturday September 30, 2017

SOMaine is pleased to announce that our annual Equestrian Competition will be held on Saturday September 30th, 2017 at Skowhegan Fairgrounds in Skowhegan.  Actual time of competition and a schedule of events will be sent to each coach after the registration deadline of Friday August 30th, 2017.  This event is rain or shine.
Again this year we will offer a Hands Trail in addition to Trails, Showmanship, English & Western Equitation, Speed Barrel Racing and Unified Team Relay (team consist of athletes & unified partner/non-athlete).  Driving will be offered as an event to only those stables that have a certified Equestrian Driving Head Coach.  Showmanship will be the first event of the day.  Links to all registration materials, SOMaine Equestrian Rules & Regulation along with event patterns are below.
Again This Year!
All Equestrian registration forms are fallible PDFs.  This will allow you to download,  electronically complete, save and send the forms without printing; saving paper and mailing costs.  You will be able to input your registration information directly into the forms.  You will be asked to save all registration forms and electronically send them to Lauren Lessard , laurenl@somaine.org. For large teams that require multiple pages of a particular registration form, we ask that you save each registration page individually, naming them Delegation.Form.1, Delegation.Form.2 etc.  To do this you will need to Download the file first, open the file and complete then “click file and Save As”.  This will allow you to save each document to a specific folder on your computer which you will then be able to send to SOMaine as well as for you to have a copy.  If you do decide to print the forms and complete manually, not recommended, please note that some of the information in the forms will not be visible.  We understand that this is a new process and at any time if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact our office.
20th Anniversary Celebration: On Friday night September 29th we will be celebrating our 20th Equestrian Competition with a Pizza Party followed by a Dance from 6-8:30pm.  More info will follow with the next round of information.
Coach Education Policy Update: ALL registered coaches (Head of Delegation, Head Coaches & Assistant Coaches) must have a current certification for the following; Class A Volunteer Screening, Protective Behaviors Course and Concussion Awareness and Safety Recognition Course. You can find these documents/links on our website at www.somaine.org/sports/coachs-corner/become-a-coach/. If not already completed, they MUST be completed by September 29th.
Head of Delegation: This person is responsible for the entire delegation including; athletes, head coaches and assistant coaches. This person will send and receive pertinent information to and from Special Olympics Maine regarding; registration forms, athlete unified partner and coach requirements.
Head Coach Requirements: Every delegation must assign one certified head coach for every sport that they have athletes competing in. This person is responsible for the entire sports team including; athletes, unified partners and assistant coaches. Head coaches will be the liaison between their sports team and SOME.
Assistant Coaches: Anyone registered with your delegation that is not an SO Athlete, Unified Partner, Head of Delegation or Head Coach. Assistant Coaches will include any other support staff or chaperones. They must have completed the minimum coaching requirements in the SOME Coach Education Policy. This can be found on our website at  www.somaine.org/sports/coachs-corner/become-a-coach/
Medicals & Consent Forms: ALL Athletes must have current medical & consent forms on file at Special Olympics Maine’s State Office.  It is your responsibility to insure that these (2) (current/completed) forms are on file here at our office, for every athlete you plan to bring to the games.  If we already have a medical on file for an athlete and it is less than three years old, you don’t need a new one, unless there has been a significant physical/medical change in one of your athletes.  You may email Mark at laurenl@somaine.org to check on medicals in your file.  We recommend that you make two copies of each medical/release form – keep one file of all medicals in a safe place and have a file with all your athletes’ medicals that travels with you to events.  Blank Medical and Consent Forms can be downloaded by going to our website: www.somaine.org/sports/athlete-resources/.

Volunteer Opportunities There are volunteer opportunities for those who are not currently coaching riders.  If you would like to volunteer for SOMaine’s 2017 Equestrian Competition contact Linda Mueller 207-582-8370.

Directions for Completing the 2017 Equestrian Registration Forms
(Deadline for ALL forms is August 30th, 2017)
Each group MUST complete the following forms:(Click on the links below to each registration form)
  1. Equestrian Coach Registration Form – completed by the Head of Delegation (HOD – person responsible for your team).  Be sure to list all additional coaches/chaperones attending the games.
  2. Equestrian Rider Registration – register athletes & unified partners
  3. Equestrian Horse Profile Registration – must be completed for each horse.  A copy of the negative coggins test and proof of rabies vaccine must be sent for each horse as well. We will not allow horses that are know to kick into the competition ring.  There will be NO RED RIBBONS as we feel many riders are not able to respond to the possible risk of being kicked by the horse ahead of them.  Rough handling of horses will NOT be tolerated!
General Notes:
  • Don’t miss the deadline (August 30th).
  • If you need to make additional copies of any of the registration forms, remember to download, complete the appropriate form and “SAVE AS” and give the file a name.  From there you can open the original document again and add the additional registration information to the form and saving once you are complete.  Repeat these steps until your entire Delegation is properly registered.
  • Safety Stirrups & full bridles with appropriate bits must be used on every horse.  Click here for more information.  Chains over or under the nose are not allowed.  Any questions regarding safety equipment contact Peg Lawler, kindredspirits23@aol.com or 207-620-6450
  • SOMaine Equestrian Rules & Regulations. Rules pertaining to all Equestrian events
  • Event Patterns
  • Coaches are not allowed in the ring with their athletes during competition and cannot communicate with any officials during competition.
  • All dogs must be on a leash.
  • We are requesting Delegations send their entire registration forms via Scan/Email or Fax
    • Scan/Email to Mark at laurenl@somaine.org
    • the FAX number is 1-888-490-0672
    • If you cannot email/fax please mail to:  SOME – Attn: Mark, 125 John Roberts Rd #5, S. Portland ME 04106
Questions???  Please call us at 879-0489!
Thank you!
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