2018 State Summer Games

2018 Summer Games Registration Forms are enclosed!
Registration DEADLINE is May 16th! – NO Exceptions!!!
IMPORTANT Information Below:

Dates of Games –  Friday, June 8th – Sunday, June 10th

Location – University of Maine – Orono
      Plan “A”  –  $80.00
  •  2 Overnights – Friday & Saturday
  •  Meals – supper Friday PM, breakfast Saturday AM, lunch Saturday Noon, Dinner Saturday PM & breakfast Sunday AM.
      Plan “B”  –  $40.00
  • 1 Overnight – Either Friday or Saturday night
  • 1 breakfast Saturday or Sunday
  • Supper Friday or Saturday night Dinner
  • Saturday’s lunch

Plan “C” –  $10.00

  • No overnight
  • Saturday Lunch only
New This Year!
All Summer Games registration forms are Google Forms (much like the Winter Games).  This will allow you to complete each registration form electronically with just a click of a button! Once you have submitted a registration form you will receive an email confirmation.
Coach Education Policy Update: ALL registered coaches (Head of Delegation, Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches & Unified Partners) must have a current certification for the following; Class A Volunteer Screening, Protective Behaviors Course and Concussion Awareness and Safety Recognition Course. You can find these documents/links on our website SOMaine Volunteer Registration Packet. If not already completed, they MUST be completed by May 16th.
Upcoming Coach’s Training School Opportunities:
  • Athletics (Track & Field) – April 19th, 2018 at University of Southern Maine Field House in Gorham from 10am-1pm.  Click here to register.
  • Athletics (Track & Field) – April 28, 2018 at Hampden Academy from 2-4pm.  Click here to register.
  • Bocce – April 18th, 2018 at 33 Elmwood in Westbrook from 4-6pm.  Click here to register.
  • Bocce – April 28th, 2018 at Hampden Academy in Hampden from 4-6pm.  Click here to register
  • Candlepin Bowling – April 18th, 2018 at 33 Elmwood in Westbrook from 2-4pm.  Click here to register.
  • Candlepin Bowling – April 28, 2018 at Newport Entertainment Center in Newport from 10am-1pm.  Click here to register
  • Summer Coach’s College – August 3 & 4, 2018 at Colby College in Waterville.  Complete 3 of 16 coach’s training schools being offered.  Course offered: Athlete Centered Coaching, Athletics, Autism 101, Basketball, Bocce, Coaching Unified Sports, Golf, Michael Phelps im Swim Program, Motor Activities Training, Nutrition & Health, Principles of Coaching, Special Olympics Main General Orientation, Soccer, Tennis, Unified Champion Schools and Volleyball.  Click here for more information and to register.
Head of Delegation (HOD): This person is responsible for the entire delegation including; athletes, unified partners, head coaches and assistant coaches. This person will send and receive pertinent information to and from Special Olympics Maine regarding; registration forms, athlete unified partner and coach requirements.
Head Coach Requirements: Every delegation must assign one certified head coach for every sport that they have athletes competing in. This person is responsible for the entire sports team including; athletes, unified partners and assistant coaches. Head coaches will be the liaison between their sports team and SOME. If you have a team competing in any Unified Sports event your head coach must be certified in Level 2 Coaching Unified Sports. Head Coaches must be certified through Special Olympics Maine in their assigned sport. To become a certified Head Coach, a Coach must attend a Coach’s Training School in the sport(s) they coach. Coach’s Training Schools being offered can be found at www.somaine.org/events/coachs-training-schools/
Assistant Coaches: Anyone registered with your delegation that is not an SO Athlete, Unified Partner, Head of Delegation or Head Coach. Assistant Coaches will include any other support staff or chaperones. They must have completed the minimum coaching requirements in the SOME Coach Education Policy. You can find these documents/links on our website SOMaine Volunteer Registration Packet. If not already completed, they MUST be completed by May 16th.
Unified Partners: Unified Partners need to meet the minimum requirements of a SOMaine Coach (Volunteer A Application, Protective Behaviors certification & Concussion Awareness and Safety certification -each are required every three years) as well as the Unified Partner Release form prior to May 16th to be properly registered for the 2018 Summer Games.  These can be found in the SOMaine Volunteer Registration Packet, www.somaine.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/SOMaine-Volunteer-Registration.pdf
Athletes: All athletes must have participated in a 2018 Area Track and Field event to qualify for the State Summer Games.  To find out the date/location of your Area’s Track & Field event, go to our website at  www.somaine.org/who-we-are/find-special-olympics-near-you/.
Medicals & Consent Forms: Athletes must have a current Athlete Medical and Release on file with SOMaine prior to May 18th in order to be properly registered for the 2018 Summer Games.  To check on your athletes medical and consent information contact Lauren Lessard , MarkC@somaine.oorg or 207-879-0489.  The Athlete Medical and Release can be found in the SOMaine Athlete Registration Packet, www.somaine.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/SOMaine-Athlete-Registration-2016.pdf.  Medicals remain current for three years and the release is good forever (or until updated).  The consent form was recently update in 2017.  Any athlete with a consent form signed prior to January 1st, 2017 must submit a new updated consent.
Athlete Housing Policy: Per a mandate from Special Olympics Inc., the Special Olympics Maine Board of Directors has recently adopted a statewide housing policy.  This housing policy is in effect immediately, and covers housing requirements (and best practices) for any overnight situation in conjunction with any and all SOME events at the State, Area & Local Levels  This policy can be found on the SOME website at www.somaine.org/sports/athlete-resources/.  Special Olympics Maine requires that ALL SOME coaches and chaperones become familiar with this policy.  If you are unable to view the policy on our website, you may request a hard copy from the state office.
Bocce: you are required to provide qualifying scores to better division teams in both traditional and Unified Bocce (instructions & worksheet can be found at www.somaine.org/sports/our-sports/bocce/).  Please note that an athlete can compete in traditional OR Unified Bocce, only – not both.  An athlete entered in Bocce CANNOT compete in the 4×100 Relay, 400 M or 800 M, as they are held at the same time!  New start times this year, 9:00AM Traditional and 11:30AM
Candlepin Bowling: Teams located within the thirty-mile radius of Bangor are asked to bowl on Thursday. Athletes can choose either traditional Bowling or the Unified event, but not both.
Softball Throw: As in past years, there are 2 Softball Throw events offered, and your athlete may enter only 1.  The “INSIDE” Softball Throw is designed only for athletes entering either wheelchair or developmental walks (10M & 25M walks), inside the Alfond Arena, where the wheelchair and developmental walks take place at 11:00 am.  All other Softball competitors should enter the OUTSIDE Softball Throw event.
Wheelchair Events: Will take place in Alfond Arena, starting at 9:00 am.  In accordance with the Official S.O. Summer Sports Rules/Athletics: #4 General Rules for Wheelchair Events; rule C-5 states: “Athletes shall not be pushed, pulled or otherwise assisted during these events.”  This rule pertains to ANY wheelchair event list, manual or motorized, and this will be strictly enforced to maintain fairness (and safety) for all athletes!  Trial times are mandatory for these (& all) events.
Rules & Regulations: SOMaine recently updated its rules of Athletics, Bocce & Candlepin Bowling.  Please review these updates by going to www.somaine.org/sports/our-sports/
RAFFLE TICKET ORDERS: To order 2018 Summer Games Raffle Tickets click here or call 879-0489 ext 16. Delegations may keep 90 cents of each ticket sold. You can turn in your raffle ticket money (10%), stubs, and any unsold tickets at the Head of Delegations Meeting Friday night.
Summer Games Commemorative T-Shirt: New this year – Special Olympics Maine will offer a Commemorative 2018 Summer Games T-shirt to Summer Games Delegations. The Summer Games Commemorative T-shirt is replacing the option for Delegation’s to order Summer Games Volunteer T-shirts.
Costs per t-shirts are as follows:

  • Small – XL – $10 per T-shirt
  • 2XL – 4XL – $12 per T-shirt

T-shirts will come in three color choices (Gray, Blue & Green) and are offered only in Men sizes. There will be no exchanges for sizes at the Summer Games so make sure to confirm sizes with all Delegation members ordering a t-shirt. Delegations ordering more than one color t-shirt option must submit a separate order for each color t-shirt (ie red order, blue order and/or green order).  T-shirts can be paid for and picked up at Summer Games Check-in. The 2018 Commemorative Summer Games T-shirt will not be sold at the Summer Games so reserve your Delegation’s order today! Deadline to order is May 22nd, 2018.  Click here to submit a Summer Games Commemorative T-shirt order.

Staging Tents: Please remember, Staging will take place at Staging Tents, now located at the start of each track event.
Parade Theme: “Team Spirit” – come ready to march in your athletic wear or team uniform and represent your team well by showing your team spirit! Please do NOT dress in dance theme, or you will be disqualified for the Arthur Ambrose Spirit Award. NEW THIS YEAR – Parade will start at 5:00pm on Friday June 9th.
Dance Theme: Hawaiian -Please plan to attend this years summer games dance in your best Hawaiian attire. This could be a fun project to do with your team mates before the games.Please keep in mind that this theme is for the DANCE ONLY- not for the parade.
National Anthem: SOMaine is accepting National Anthem audition videos for Delegation to submit to be in the running to sing the National Anthem during the Opening Ceremonies. Audition videos will be accepted until Friday May 19th and can be emailed to LisaB@somaine.org or texted to 207-839-5578. Click here for more info.
Healthy Athletes: We will once again offer professional screenings to athletes on Saturday during the games, free of charge.  Screenings this year will include:
  • “Special Smiles” – Dentists will be on site to check the athletes’ teeth.
  • “Healthy Hearing” – Audiologists will give athletes hearing screenings.
Unified Champion School® will be offering two Unified Sport opportunities.  Existing Unified Champion School ® Schools and/or new schools are encouraged to participate in either Unified Bocce or Unified Bowling – not both as well as Unified 4x100M Relay.  If you are a school not yet involved in Unified Champion Schools®, and you would like more information, contact Ian Frank at IanF@somaine.org.
Summer Games Schedules (tentative):
Follow the steps below to complete the Summer Games Forms
(Deadline for ALL forms is May 16th)
Registration:  All State Summer Registration forms are Google Forms (much like the Winter Games).  This will allow you to complete each registration form electronically with just a click of a button!  At anytime during registration process you can always select the “Back” button (bottom of the form, to the left of the “Next” button) to go back and review/edit the data that you completed prior to your current section.  Once this form is completed entirely and submitted (click “Submit” on the last section) the HOD & the Head Coach will receive an email (to the emails provided) with a PDF confirmation of you what was submitted.  Changes to what your Delegation submitted can be made up until 2 weeks prior to the State Summer Games however, the sooner the better! We understand that this is a new process and at any time if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact our office.
Each group MUST complete the following forms:(Click on the links below to each registration form)

2018 State Summer Games Delegation Registration

You will need the following information to complete Delegation Registration process:

  • HOD Contact Information
  • Certified Head Coach contact information for each sport your Delegation competes in (Athletics, Bocce &/or Candlepin Bowling).
  • Assistant coach names (this is anyone that will be registering with your Delegation that is not an athlete, unified partner, HOD or Head Coach)
  • Summer Games Registration Packages (provide number, by gender and role, of Delegation members registering in each Plan)
    • Plan A – $80 per person: includes 2 overnight accommodations and all meals (Friday Dinner – Sunday Breakfast)
    • Plan B – $40 per person: includes 1 overnight accommodation and meals (Saturday’s Lunch, 1 Dinner & 1 Breakfast)
    • Plan C – $10 per person: includes lunch Saturday, no overnight accommodation

2018 State Summer Games Athletics (Track & Field) Athlete Registration (this is for both inside and outside Track & Field Events).

You will need the following information to complete this registration process:
  • HOD Email
  • Athletics (Track & Field) Head Coach Email
  • Athlete: Gender, Date of Birth, Events and Qualifying Scores
Additional Forms – use as needed:

2018 State Summer Games 4x100M Relay Team Registration

You will need the following information to complete this registration process:

  • HOD Email
  • Athletics Head Coach Email
  • Unique Team Relay Name, Relay Team Members, Leg assignment and Team Qualifying Score

2018 State Summer Games Bocce Team Registration (Traditional & Unified)

You will need the following information to complete this registration process:

  • HOD Email
  • Bocce Head Coach Email
  • Unique Team Name, Team Members and Team Qualifying Score

2018 State Summer Games Candlepin Bowling Individual Event Registration 

You will need the following information to complete this registration process:

  • HOD Email
  • Candlepin Bowling Head Coach Email
  • Athlete Name & Event

2018 State Summer Games Candlepin Unified Team Registration

You will need the following information to complete this registration process:

  • HOD Email
  • Candlepin Bowling Head Coach Email
  • Unique Team Name & Team Members

2018 State Summer Games Raffle Ticket Request

2018 State Summer Games Commemorative T-shirt Order

Family Request for Housing – please send to parents/guardians of athletes.

General Notes:
  • Don’t miss the deadline (May 16th) we cannot guarantee beds after that date.
  • You MUST provide times & distances when required, or we cannot place athletes in the events selected.
  • Distances MUST be recorded in METRIC measurements, NOT feet and inches!!!!!
Questions???  Please call us at 879-0489!
Thank you!

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