2018 State Swim Meet

Enclosed please find registration material for the 2018 State Swim Meet.  We will hold this meet once again at Bates College in Lewiston on Thursday, April 12th.   Please look carefully through the following items, which will answer questions you may have and should also help you with this registration process.
All entries must be submitted with Entry Qualifying Times!  To get Entry Qualifying Scores athletes must attend a Regional Swim meet.   Click here for a listing of regional swim meets is enclosed.
Rules and Events – The SOMaine Swim Rules & Regulations have recently been updated. Please review and share.  Click here to review the SOMaine Swim Rules & Regulations.
Event Rules & Event Options for Swimming: The events in Options #1-#3 are intended to provide meaningful competition for athletes with lower ability levels.  As stated on the entry form, there will be no “cross-over” within the entry options, as there is a natural progression in the ability to compete in these events, starting with Option #1 through to Option #4.  We hope you will train and challenge your athletes to the best of their ability.

  • Option 1 – 10 yard Assisted Swim:  Each Athlete is responsible for having his/her own coach/assistant.  The assistant may touch, guide or direct the athlete, but may not support or assist the athlete’s forward movement.  The athlete may use flotation (see flotation specifications under general rules).  The assistant may be in the pool or on deck.
  • Option 2 – 15 yard Flotation & 25 yard Flotation Races: Each athlete is responsible for his/her own flotation (IMPORTANT – see specifications for flotation under general rules).  These races do not allow physical assistance by coaches, etc., once the race has begun.  However, coaches may assist athletes to hold their position at the start line, prior to the start of the race.  Flotation Races– Athletes are responsible for his/her own flotation, which must be a life jacket or swim belt that is Coast Guard Approved. Flotation devices such as noodles, kick boards, inner-tubes or floats that wrap around arms are not acceptable.
  • Option 3 – 15 yard Unassisted Swim: Athletes must swim the entire distance with no assistance & no flotation device.  Coaches may offer encouragement and direction to athletes from outside the pool, only.  This event is basically a 15 yard Freestyle.
  • Option 4 – All other events: General Rules Overall
    1. There will be limitations for diving starts and use of starting blocks, dependent upon the depth of the pool at the start line.
    2. Standing on the bottom during freestyle events WILL NOT disqualify an athlete, but he/she may not walk or jump.  Standing on the bottom of the racing course is allowed only for the purpose of resting.  Walking and/or jumping will result in disqualification.
    3. A coach may guide by voice only.  A coach may not touch the athlete from the time the race starts until the athlete has completed the race.
    4. A coach may help an athlete maintain their position at the starting line.
    5. No competitor will be permitted to use or wear any device that will aid in speed (webbed gloves, fins, flippers, etc).  Goggles may be worn.
Schedule of the day’s events will be as follows:
  • 8:45am – 12:30 PM  Team Registration/Drops – Tarbell Pool Lobby
  • 9:15am   Opening Ceremonies
  • 9:30am   Competition (21 years old & under)
  • 11:30am  Fundamental events (event options 1-3)
  • 1:30pm – Competition (22 years old & over)
New This Year! All State Swim registration forms are Google Forms (much like the Winter Games Registration Process).  This will allow you to complete each registration form electronically with just a click of a button!  Once you have submitted a registration form you will receive an email confirmation.
Coach Education Policy: ALL registered coaches (Head of Delegation, Head Coaches & Assistant Coaches) must have a current certification for the following; Class A Volunteer Screening, Protective Behaviors Course and Concussion Awareness and Safety Recognition Course. You can find these documents/links on our website at www.somaine.org/sports/coachs-corner/become-a-coach/. If not already completed, they MUST be completed by March 30th.
Head of Delegation: This person is responsible for the entire delegation including; athletes, head coaches and assistant coaches. This person will send and receive pertinent information to and from Special Olympics Maine regarding; registration forms, athlete unified partner and coach requirements.
Head Coach Requirements: Every delegation must assign one certified head coach for every sport that they have athletes competing in. This person is responsible for the entire sports team including; athletes, unified partners and assistant coaches. Head coaches will be the liaison between their sports team and SOME.
Swim Coach’s Training School Opportunities: SOMaine will offer the following Level 1 Swim Coach’s Training Schools.  These offerings will be the only opportunities for the Level 1 Swim certification that will be offered between now and the 2018 Swim meet.  Typically this course has been offered during our annual Summer Coach’s College, instead this year we will be offering the Michael Phelps IM program (Special Olympics, Inc’s official Swim program).  The Michael Phelps IM program will be a Level 3 certification and in order to register for the IM program at the Summer Coach’s College coaches must already be certified as a Level 1 Swim coach.

Medicals & Consent Forms: ALL Athletes must have current medical & consent forms on file at Special Olympics Maine’s State Office.  It is your responsibility to insure that these (2) (current/completed) forms are on file here at our office, for every athlete you plan to bring to the games.  If we already have a medical on file for an athlete and it is less than three years old, you don’t need a new one, unless there has been a significant physical/medical change in one of your athletes.  You may email Mark at laurenl@somaine.org to check on medicals in your file.  We recommend that you make two copies of each medical/release form – keep one file of all medicals in a safe place and have a file with all your athletes’ medicals that travels with you to events.  Blank Medical and Consent Forms can be downloaded by going to our website: www.somaine.org/sports/athlete-resources/.

Directions for Completing the 
2018 Swim Registration Forms
(Deadline for ALL forms is March 30, 2018)
Registration:  All State Swim Registration forms are Google Forms (much like the Winter Games).  This will allow you to complete each registration form electronically with just a click of a button!  Once you have submitted a registration form you will receive an email confirmation.  We understand that this is a new process and at any time if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact our office.  Each Delegation must submit a Swim HOD
General Notes:
  • Don’t miss the deadline (March 30th, 2018).
If you have questions about Special Olympics Swim and/or the enclosed information please don’t hesitate to call us at 879-0489.
Hope to see you there!