2019 State Golf Competitions


Individual Skills Contest

Date: Saturday August 24th, 2019 – 8:30am-2pm

Location: Loon’s Cove Golf Course – Skowhegan, Maine

  • This event features a morning of golf skills clinic and an afternoon of Skills contest with awards
  • All new golfer athletes who want to compete in either Unified or Individual Golf tournaments must first compete in the Individual Skills Contest to receive a qualifying score.
  • Athletes that are registering for the Unified or Individual Golf Tournaments are not eligible to compete in the Individual Skills Contest


Unified 9-Hole Tournament

Date: Thursday September 5th, 2019 – 11am-3pm

Location: Lakewood Golf Course – Madison, Maine

Form of Play: Unified Alternate Shot

Individual 9-Hole Tournament

Date:September 21st, 2019 – 2-6pm

Location: Martindale Country Club – Auburn, Maine 

Form of Play: Stroke Play

Individual & Unified 9-Hole Competition Eligibility

  • All new golfers must have received an appropriate qualifying score previously at our State Individual Skills Contest
  • Golfers entered must have played a minimum of 2 9-Hole rounds of golf
  • Has been trained by a certified Head Gold Coach and has been instructed in and demonstration of the understanding of the basic safety procedures, rules and etiquette of golf.
  • Golfers must be able to complete 9 holes in 2.5 hours.
  • All male players must wear a collared shirt – NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • No jean or gym shorts may be worn – NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Golf shoes are recommended – no metal spikes
  • Each player is responsible for providing their own equipment.
  • Golfers must be able to walk during the entire round. Exception: A Walking Rule Exemption From (below with registration links) needs to be completed and submitted with the registration by August 7, 2019
  • Golfers must provide their own caddie/coach. We will have limited number of volunteer caddies available.

Golf Delegation Members

  • Athletes: All Athletes must have a current Athlete Medical and Release on file with SOMaine prior to August 7th in order to be properly registered for the 2019 Golf Competitions. The Athlete Medical and Release can be found in the SOMaine Athlete Registration Packet. Medicals remain current for three years and the release is good forever (or until updated).
  • Head of Delegation (HOD): This person is responsible for the entire delegation including; athletes, unified partners, head coaches and assistant coaches. This person will send and receive pertinent information to and from Special Olympics Maine regarding; registration forms, athlete unified partner and coach requirements.
  • Head Coach: Every delegation must assign one certified head coach for every sport that they have athletes competing in. This person is responsible for the entire sports team including; athletes, unified partners and assistant coaches. Head coaches will be the liaison between their sports team and SOME. If you have a team competing in any Unified Sports event your head coach must be certified in Level 2 Coaching Unified Sports. Head Coaches must be certified through Special Olympics Maine in their assigned sport. To become a certified Head Coach, a Coach must attend a Coach’s Training School in the sport(s) they coach.
  • Assistant Coaches: Anyone with your delegation who is not registering as an SO Athlete, Unified Partner, Head of Delegation or Head Coach. Assistant Coaches will include any other support staff or chaperones.
  • Unified Partners: any one registering to participate in Unified Sports as a Unified Partners

ALL registered coaches (Head of Delegation, Head Coaches, Assistant Coaches & Unified Partners) must have a current SOMaine Volunteer Registration Packet (Class A Volunteer Screening, Protective Behaviors Course and Concussion Awareness and Safety Recognition Course) on file prior to August 7th in order to properly register for the 2019 Golf Competitions. Each of these three requirements remain current for three years. You can find these documents/links in the SOMaine Volunteer Registration Packet.

Become a Certified Golf Head Coach

SOMaine has organized a Golf Coach’s Training School that will be offered during the 2019 Summer Coach’s College August 2-3, 2019 at Colby College. The Golf Coach’s Training School will be offered during the second session of the Coach’s College, Saturday August 3rd from 9-11:30am at Natanis Golf Course. Click here for more information and how to register for the 2019 Summer Coach’s College

2019 State Golf Registration Information

**Deadline for ALL Golf Competitions is August 7th**

Registration:  All State Golf Registration forms are Google Forms (much like the Winter & Summer Games). This will allow you to complete each registration form electronically with just a click of a button! Once you have submitted a registration form you will receive an email confirmation. We understand that this is a new process and at any time if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact our office.


Complete the necessary forms below for each competition you have athletes competing in.

General Notes:

  • Don’t miss the deadline (August 7th).

Questions??? Please call us at 879-0489!

2019 Unified Golf League

Special Olympics Maine is inviting Athletes and Unified Partners to Roy’s Golf Center for the 2019 Golf League!

Location: 2514 Turner Road, Auburn, ME

What To Expect:

  • Tee-Off Time: 5:00pm
  • Athlete Fee: $5.00
  • Unified Partner Fee: $5.00

2019 Golf Schedule

  • Wednesday, June 26th
  • Wednesday, July 10th
  • Wednesday, July 24th
  • Wednesday, August 7th
  • Wednesday, August 21st

Click Here to Register Your Team Today!


*Please contact Mike Littlefield if you have questions*


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