Central & Southern Maine Basketball Tournaments

Please take a moment to read thru the information below for dates, locations and registration material for Special Olympics Maine’s upcoming Regional Basketball Tournaments.


This year’s sites, dates and times are as follows:

  • Central Maine Tourney
    • Wednesday, March 20th
    • Registration 8:30 – 9:15 AM
    • Competition 9:30 AM
    • University of Maine Orono -Field house
  • Southern Maine Tourney
    • Saturday, March 23rd
    • Registration 8:30 – 9:15 AM
    • Competition 9:30 AM
    • University of Southern Maine at Gorham Campus – Field house

Registration Deadline Wednesday, March 6th, 2019

Events being offered at each competition are as follows:

  • Individual Skills Contests (new event options) – athletes registering for Individual Skills Contest can only register for 1 of the 3 Levels below.
    • Level I – Speed Dribble
    • Level II – Target Pass, 10 Meter Dribble & Shot Shot
    • Level III – 12 Meter Dribble, Perimeter Shooting and Catch & Pass
  • Team Skills Basketball (this event provides meaningful competition for athletes with lower ability levels.)
  • 5v5 Traditional Team Play – Each 5-on-5 team must submit a BSAT score.  Refer to the SOMaine Basketball Rules & Regulations to determine a team’s BSAT score.
  • 5v5 Unified High School and Unified Adult Age Competitions – Unified Competitions will follow the Player Development Model. Each 5-on-5 team must submit a BSAT score.  Refer to the SOMaine Basketball Rules & Regulations to determine a team’s BSAT score.

Again this year, we will offer Individual Skills Contests (Level I, II or III).  Athletes competing in Individual Skills Contest or Team Skills Basketball cannot participate in  5-on-5 Team Competition.  It is the intent of Special Olympics Maine to have as many athletes as possible involved in 5-on-5 team play. The Individual Skills Contests will be available to athletes who are working to build the skills necessary to compete in 5-on-5 play.  The Individual Skills Contests are also available to schools/agencies that do not have enough players to form a team. Any questions, please call the SOME office.

Rules and Events – The SOMaine Basketball Rules & Regulations have recently been updated. Please review and share.  You can find the rules and setup information on the new Individual Skills Contest Events within these SOMaine Basketball Rules & Regulations.  Click here to review the SOMaine Basketball Rules & Regulations.

Again This Year! All Basketball registration forms are Google Forms (much like the Winter Games Registration Forms).  This will allow you to complete each registration form electronically with just a click of a button!  Once you have submitted a registration form you will receive an email confirmation.

Coach Education Policy: ALL registered coaches (Head of Delegation, Head Coaches & Assistant Coaches) must have a current certification for the following; Class A Volunteer Screening, Protective Behaviors Course and Concussion Awareness and Safety Recognition Course. You can find these documents/links on our website at www.somaine.org/sports/coachs-corner/become-a-coach/. If not already completed, they MUST be completed by February 15th.

Head of Delegation: This person is responsible for the entire delegation including; athletes, head coaches and assistant coaches. This person will send and receive pertinent information to and from Special Olympics Maine regarding; registration forms, athlete unified partner and coach requirements.

Head Coach Requirements: Every delegation must assign one certified head coach for every sport that they have athletes competing in. This person is responsible for the entire sports team including; athletes, unified partners and assistant coaches. Head coaches will be the liaison between their sports team and SOME.  For Delegations with more than 1 Team you MUST have a Certified Head Coach for each Team (2 Teams = 2 Head Coaches) If you have questions regarding this policy, call Ian Frank at 879-0489 or email at IanF@somaine.org.

Need to become a certified Head Basketball Head?  Special Olympics Maine will be hosting TWO basketball coach’s training schools this year! The first on Monday February 18th from 9-11 AM on the campus of the University of Maine in Orono. The second on Monday February 25th from 4-6 PM on the campus of the University of Southern Maine in Gorham.

  • To Register for the CTS at UMO on Feb 18th, please CLICK HERE
  • To Register for the CTS at USM on Feb 25th, please CLICK HERE

Assistant Coaches: Anyone registered with your delegation that is not an SO Athlete, Unified Partner, Head of Delegation or Head Coach. Assistant Coaches will include any other support staff or chaperones. They must have completed the minimum coaching requirements in the SOME Coach Education Policy. This can be found on our website at  www.somaine.org/sports/coachs-corner/become-a-coach/ 

Medicals & Consent Forms: ALL Athletes must have current medical & consent forms on file at Special Olympics Maine’s State Office.  It is your responsibility to insure that these (2) (current/completed) forms are on file here at our office, for every athlete you plan to bring to the games.  If we already have a medical on file for an athlete and it is less than three years old, you don’t need a new one, unless there has been a significant physical/medical change in one of your athletes.  You may email Mike,  MikeL@somaine.org, to check on medicals in your file.  We recommend that you make two copies of each medical/release form – keep one file of all medicals in a safe place and have a file with all your athletes’ medicals that travels with you to events.  Blank Medical and Consent Forms can be downloaded by going to our website: www.somaine.org/sports/athlete-resources/.

Uniforms & Proper Attire: Athletic wear (no jeans) and matching uniforms is highly Sneakers are a must! Non-marking sole sneakers only!

Directions for Completing the 

2019 Regional Basketball Tournaments Registration Forms

(Deadline for ALL forms is March 6th, 2019)

Registration:  All Basketball registration forms are Google Forms (much like the Winter Games).  This will allow you to complete each registration form electronically with just a click of a button!  Once you have submitted a registration form you will receive an email confirmation.  We understand that this is a new process and at any time if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact our office.  Each Delegation must submit the Basketball Delegation Registration and at least 1 event registration (individual skills, team skills and/or team 5-on-5)

  • Basketball Delegation Registration Form – completed by the Head of Delegation (HOD – person responsible for your team).  You will need the following information to complete this process:
    • HOD Contact Information
    • Assistant coach names (this is anyone that will be registering with your Delegation that is not an athlete, unified partner, HOD or Head Coach)
  • Basketball Individual Skills Contest Registration – only complete for athletes competing in Individual Skills Contest (Level I, II or III). You will need the following information to complete this process:
    • HOD Name & Email
    • Head Basketball Coach Name & Email
    • Individual Skills Contest Athlete name, date of birth, gender and individual contest level
  • Basketball Team Skills Contest Registration – only complete for teams competing in Team Skills Contest.   If your Delegation has more than 1 Team Skills Team to register you will be required to complete this form for the number of teams you are registering. You will need the following information to complete this process:
    • HOD Name & Email
    • Head Basketball Coach Name & Email
    • Team Name (Unique to this team)
    • Team Member name, date of birth and gender
  • Basketball 5-on-5 Traditional & Unified Team Competition Registration – only complete for teams competing in Traditional or Unified Basketball 5-on-5 team play.   If your Delegation has more than 1 team to register you will be required to complete this form for the number of teams you are registering.  You will need the following information to complete this process:

General Notes:

  • Don’t miss the deadline (March 6th, 2019).

If you have questions about Special Olympics Basketball, the enclosed information, or the regional tournaments, don’t hesitate to call us at 879-0489.

Hope to see you there!

Ice Out Plunge 2019

Come join the fun and do something “cool” while supporting a great cause! The 6th annual “Ice Out Plunge” to benefit Special Olympics Maine will be held Saturday, March 16th – hosted by the Winthrop American Legion & Auxiliary, the Town of Winthrop and the Maine Law Enforcement Torch Run.
Participants are required to raise a MINIMUM of $100.00 to participate and will receive the official premium, performance blend, long-sleeved commemorative “Ice Out Plunge” t-shirt. Additional incentives are available based on additional monies raised. (Please see info enclosed.)
Here are the Specifics for the 2019 Event:
  • What: Annual “Ice Out Plunge” to benefit Special Olympics Maine
  • When: Saturday, March 16th @ 12 Noon sharp to plunge!
  • Where: Winthrop Town Beach at Maranacook Lake
Registration will be held that morning from 9:30 – 11:30 am at the Winthrop American Legion Post 40 Hall, 117 Bowdoin Street, Winthrop
  • Post Plunge Party: Winthrop American Legion Hall – All are invited – FREE buffet and CASH Bar
Here’s How to Participate:
  • Individuals – Raise a MINIMUM of $100. and register properly (additional incentives & prizes apply)
  • Teams – Form a Team! (5 or more plungers – each team member must raise the minimum $100.00). Choose a team name and register under that name. (additional incentives & prizes apply)
 All plungers must be properly registered in order to participate (to register properly, you must raise a MINIMUM of $100.00). Turn in your money raised at registration, along with your signed release form (enclosed in this packet). You will then receive your plunge “bracelet” and your commemorative, premium long-sleeved t-shirt. NOTE: Additional incentives will apply for additional funds raised (see additional info enclosed). GRAND PRIZES will also be awarded for the top individual and top team fundraising totals (certain requirements apply – see additional info enclosed)!
Setup a Personal Fundraising Page:  Dippers will have the capability once again, for fundraising online via FirstGiving
  1. Go to www.firstgiving.com/event/someletr/Ice-Out-Plunge-2019
  2. Click Join Now!
  3. Start Fundraising!
Registration Packet:
Helpful Tips to Plungers:
  • Plan to arrive early to park and register.
  • “Gang style” changing areas will be available before and after the plunge (gender specific).
  • Bring something to wear on your feet when entering the water (water shoes/old sneakers).
  • Also bring a beach towel, blanket, bathrobe for when you exit the water. – Don’t forget to bring your funds raised and your Firstgiving page (total raised printout) to registration.

2019 Scarf Project


Special Olympics Maine is reaching out to knitters (and to those of you who crochet) everywhere to help with the 2019 Scarf/Hat Project. We are hoping to have 500 scarves/hats donated in time for the 2019 Special Olympics Maine State Winter Games at the end of January …enough so that every athlete will have a scarf and hat for their winter competition… and possibly every volunteer and coach as well. Please send in by mid January.

Scarves can be mailed/delivered to:

  •  Attn: Katheryn Wildes 344 Old Orchard Road Buxton, ME 04093 or to
  • Special Olympics Maine 125 John Roberts Rd Suite 5 South Portland, ME 04106

 For more information please call 207-929-6237 or 207-879-0489

The design/pattern is totally up to you. Be creative…have fun with it. The colors for the 2018 games are:



Lobster Dip 2019

Lobster Dip 2019 is coming New Year’s Day…

and we hope you are coming too! Remember, it’s Maine’s original dip!

               And it’s not just a Dip – it’s a day-long event. Post Dip party includes free buffet, live music, cash bar and fun, fun and more fun!  Hundreds of our faithful will be on hand and we want you to be there to. It’s time to start making plans, forming teams, setting up your personal fundraising page and get ready for the 32nd annual Lobster Dip to benefit Special Olympics Maine! Bring a friend this year!
               In 1988 members of the Portland Rugby Club organized the first Lobster Dip under the leadership of Head Lobster Rocky Frenzelli. We thank all of you who have stayed with us and with Maine’s “ORIGINAL” Dip throughout the years and welcome anyone new who would like to “take the dip!”
       In 2018, Dippers raised over $100,000 dollars for our statewide, year-round program of sports training and athletic competitions for the more than 4,300 athletes with intellectual disabilities we serve across the state!
ALL Dippers must raise a minimum of $100. Those who do, and register properly, will receive a premium long-sleeved commemorative Lobster Dip t-shirt!   Additional incentives will apply for additional funds raised-ALSO grand prizes for top fundraisers!
Here are the Specifics for the 2019 Event – All NEW incentives again this year! Check Them Out!
  • What: Annual Lobster Dip to benefit Special Olympics Maine
  • When: New Year’s Day – January 1st @ 12 Noon – sharp!   Where: Old Orchard Beach in front of The Brunswick (39 West Grand Ave)
  • And as always: The renowned “Post Dip Party” to follow at The Brunswick (food, cash bar, music, football &fun!)
Here’s How to Participate:
  • Individuals – MUST raise a MINIMUM of $100. and register properly (add’l prizes/incentives for add’l funds raised)
  • Teams – 5 or more dippers may register as a team (each team member MUST raise a minimum of $100.). Simply choose a team name (team costumes are encouraged) & register under that team name.(Add’l prizes/incentives also apply based on funds raised)
Setup a Personal Fundraising Page: Dippers will have the capability once again, for fundraising online via FirstGiving
  1. Go to www.firstgiving.com/SOME
  2. Click Start Fundraising button
  3. Select Lobster Dip 2019
  4. Customize the text and the photo on your online Personal Fundraising Page and express you passions and your purpose.
  5. Email your Personal Fundraising Page link & share via social media networks with your family, friends, colleagues &/or anyone you think will help you with your fundraising goal.
Registration Packet:
Two Ways to Register – Register day of or early and beat the rush. Registration dates, times and location below:
  • Pre-Register – Friday, December 28th, 2018 & Monday, December 31st, 2018 – register between 9 AM & 5 PM Special Olympics Maine State Office – 125 John Roberts Road – Unit #5 South Portland, ME 04106
  • Register Day of Dip – Tuesday, January 1st, 2019 – register between 9AM & 11:30 AM,The Brunswick – 39 West Grand Ave, Old Orchard Beach, ME 04064
Helpful Tips:
  • Plan to arrive by at least 11:00 AM, even if you have pre-registered – to allow time to find a parking spot and get into The Brunswick.
  • Bring (beach shoes/old sneakers, etc.) to wear into the water, and a towel/blanket/robe for when you come out –limited changing areas..
  • If you have pre-registered, but have more money to turn in on Dip Day, you may do so that morning at registration!

2019 State Winter Games Quota Application

2019 Winter Games
January 27-29, 2019

As the calendar creeps towards the New Year we find ourselves staring in the face of yet another Special Olympics Maine State Winter Games! This year’s State Winter Games will be held on January 27th-29th, 2019 at Sugarloaf Mountain. This email will be the ONLY notice you will receive about your first steps towards registering your Delegation to be a part of this year’s Games.”
SOME will once again be decreasing the quota of snowshoe athletes, while increasing the quota in other winter sports. Due to the limited size of the snowshoe venue and competition time constraints, we are encouraging teams to limit their number of snowshoe athletes, and encourage you to train and move those athletes who are capable, into Alpine, Cross Country Skiing or Speed Skating competitions. We’ll continue to offer Winter Coaches Training Schools, acquire equipment & secure training venues to help with this transition.
Again this year – To increase athlete participation we will accept all Area Delegation Winter Games Registrations with the following exceptions:
  • Due to the 7 year Area Rotation, Androscoggin & Franklin County Delegations will not be provided housing. Delegations in these areas can register as “Day Only” participants commuting in each day or find alternative housing. If housing is needed, it is suggested to book through rental companies like Home AwayAir Bnb or surrounding town hotels. Please do not contact Sugarloaf Mountain Co. directly!
  • Androscoggin & Franklin County Delegations cannot register any athlete in Snowshoe events unless participating in the 200m & 400m
SOME will ONLY send 2019 Winter Games registration information to the delegations that have been awarded Quotas so, please don’t hesitate – complete the form, today!
If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. For more information contact Mark Capano,markc@somaine.org or 879-0489