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2021 PPH Virtual Winter Games

February 22, 2021 - February 26, 2021

Event Date: February 22, 2021 thru February 26, 2021
Registration Due: February 8, 2021
Event Chair: Wendy Gilbert, wegaskum@gmail.com
GMS Coordinator: Christina Ehrhard, (please note a change in email address; new email: pphtina@somaine.org)

This year our Winter Games will be held virtually from Monday 2/22 thru Friday 2/26. Given guidelines and current levels of participation across our area delegations, we will have two options for participation and will follow all Return to Play Protocols for Phase 1(no more than 10 people at a time, masks, social distancing and proper sanitation, S.O. paperwork, etc). Please note that the safety of all involved is our priority. Please read the below information in its entirety and contact us with any questions. Instructions and links to all online registration forms are below and will also be available on the somaine.org calendar of events.

Virtual Area Winter Games- Option A:

This option is for athletes to participate at home by completing exercise challenges specific to their sport. Each exercise challenge was chosen from the Winter Sports Training Program from SOME. Athletes may choose one sport (Ex. Snowshoe) and one or both challenges for that sport (Ex. Reverse Lunges & Mountain Climbers). Repetitions or times will be counted as their score. Qualifying scores are not required. Certificates will be awarded. We ask that if participants are not previous SOME registered athletes that they review the SOME E-Participant Waiver & Release form found here. 

Option A Challenges Offered:

Click here for further instructions of each challenge and links to video instruction.

Click here for the Online Athlete Registration for Virtual Winter Games- Option A

Virtual Area Winter Games- Option B:

This option is for athletes who have been training outside in their specific sports. Teams that are able to measure accurate distances on a safe snow covered surface for Snowshoe or Nordic at their school, agency or place of training are welcome to use their “home” course. Hermon Mountain has also offered to create a Snowshoe course in their parking lot, as well as an Alpine and Nordic course similar to previous years. These options are weather permitting and may need to be canceled if there is not adequate snow. If teams choose to use the facilities at Hermon, all will be asked to sign up for a time to ensure we do not exceed the SOME limit of 10 participants (athletes, coaches, staff etc.). Teams will also need to supply all equipment including snowshoes, skis, FIS helmets and stopwatches. Athletes will then be divisioned by event, age group and score, certificates will be awarded.

Option B Events Offered:

  • Alpine: Downhill Ski Slalom, Dual Ski or Snowboard Slalom
  • Nordic: 100M, 500M or 1K (choose up to two races)
  • Snowshoe: 25M, 50M, 100M (choose up to two races)

Teams will need to select either use of a “home” course or Hermon Mountain. Participants at Hermon Mountain will need to select a Time Block.

Time Blocks Available: Monday 2/22 thru 2/16, 10-11am, 11-12pm, 12-1pm, or 1pm-2pm

(Nordic Ski is tentatively scheduled for 2/22 and Alpine is tentatively scheduled for 2/23- these dates are based on snow and staffing at Hermon and will be confirmed in February)

Use the links below to register your team for Option B:

  1. Area Virtual Winter Games HOD & Coach Registration Form
  2. Area Virtual Winter Games- Option B Athlete Registration Form

Requirements for Participation in the Virtual Winter Games- Option B:

Teams authorized to conduct in-person activities must adhere to the following:

Coach Responsibilities:

  • To ensure the safety of everyone at their training site by following all policies outlined within this guide and the Return to Activities plan for Phase 1. Protocols can be viewed here
  • Complete all required forms and requirements.
  • If a home course option is selected, coaches must ensure that accurate distances and times are measured on a safe snow covered course. (Distances are in meters, not feet.)
  • Maintain a list of all participants with contact details. This will allow for contact tracing should a participant be later diagnosed as having COVID-19 during the activity.

Before the Event (during registration):

  • Each team must designate a COVID-19 Response Person for all questions related to COVID-19. This person is responsible for all team members and their adherence to Return to Play Protocols for each specific training or event. This could be the HOD that is present or the coach that is present during the activity.
  • COVID-19 Participant Code of Conduct and Risk Assessment Form: All participants are required to complete and return a COVID-19 Participant Code of Conduct and Risk Assessment Form which provides information and guidance on assessing risk and acknowledges that participation could increase risk of contracting or spreading COVID-19. This form is to be completed by all athletes, coaches, staff and volunteers and is valid for one year. (If participants have one on file at the state office, they do not need to complete another). Send forms to Mike Littlefield at mikeL@somaine.org, fax 1-888-490-0672 or mail to 125 John Roberts Rd. Suite 5, South Portland, ME 04106 before the event. Please keep a copy for your records.
  • Up to date medical and consent forms required. (Medical Extension – athletes whose medical expired after March 15th, 2020 and before September 30th, 2020 will be granted a 6 month grace period to renew their medical due to COVID 19, if needed.)
  • Option B Athlete registration must be completed online by the 2/8 due date. Qualifying scores are not required.

Day of Event Requirements:

  • · Screening Protocol: The COVID-19 Response Person must screen and monitor all participants for symptoms – prior to arrival. Use this screening protocol and tracking form for your records.
    •  Must conduct measurement of temperature using a thermometer. (If teams do not have access to a thermometer at their program, please notify us well in advance of the event.)
      • If individuals participating in activities show symptoms, have a temperature of 100.4°F/37.8°C or higher, or are sick, they must be sent home.

Hermon Mountain Participants:

  • In Phase 1, NO MORE THAN 10 TOTAL PARTICIPANTS (including athletes, coaches, volunteers) are permitted during training sessions or during competition.
  • Everyone (coaches, volunteers, participants) MUST wear a mask upon arrival/departure and during activities. Individuals should bring their own mask to the site. (Please note Hermon Mountain requires a face covering in ALL areas as well.)
  • The lodge at Hermon Mountain is closed for our use. Please be prepared to put boots on/off at your vehicle and use your vehicle as a warming station.
  • Teams are responsible for bringing their own snowshoe, skis, and FIS rated helmets.
  • Whenever possible, equipment and other personal items should be separated and not shared. If equipment must be shared, all equipment should be properly disinfected between users (i.e. snowshoes)
  • All participants must bring their own water. Team water coolers for sharing through disposable cups are not allowed. Fixed water fountains should not be used.
  • Avoid shaking hands, fist bumps, or high fives before, during or after the event. Limit unnecessary physical contact with participants.
  • Ensure that the venue is disinfected or sanitized.
  • Activities that increase the risk of exposure to saliva are not allowed including chewing gum, spitting, licking fingers, etc.
  • Participants must try to maintain appropriate social distancing at all times possible.
  • Spectators are counted toward the limit of ten participants. Individuals providing transportation for participants are to remain in vehicles until sessions are over.  If participants need assistance, caregivers may remain, but will be considered participants and must abide by all outlined requirements for participation.

Virtual Winter Game Score Submission:

  • After completion of your event, scores will be submitted to the Penobscot Area Management Team using the score submission link below. Scores are to be submitted by 3/1/21 Athletes will then be divisioned by gender, age group and score. Teams will receive an email notice when award certificates have been mailed.

Questions? Contact Christina, pphtina@somaine.org or Wendy, wegaskum@gmail.com


February 22, 2021
February 26, 2021
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