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Penobscot/Piscataquis/Hancock Area Swim

March 29 @ 8:00 am - 2:00 pm

2024 PPH Area Swim Meet Registration


Event Date: March 29, 2024. Registration due by March 11, 2024


Location: Bangor YMCA, 17 2nd Street, Bangor

Event Chair: Andrea Lee

GMS: Christina Ehrhard


9:00am-2:00pm: Traditional Races in Aloupis Pool

Fundamental Races in Means Pool

Events Offered:


Level 1: 15 & 25 yard Assisted

Level 2: 15 & 25 yard Flotation

Level 3: 15 yard Unassisted


Level 4:  25, 50 & 100 Freestyle, 25, 50 & 100 Backstroke, 25 & 50 Breaststroke, 25 & 50 Butterfly, 4×25 Relay

Unified: 4×25 Unified Relay and 4×50 Unified Relay

* Athletes may choose up to 3 events in one level. Level 4 athletes may compete in 3 races plus a relay. Athletes in the 100 Freestyle may not register for the 100 Backstroke. Fundamental swim athletes in flotation races must use a US Coast Guard approved device.


To Register Your Delegation:


Step 1: Complete the Intent to Participate & HOD Information Form here.

Step 2: View Team Registration Excel using this link.

Step 3: Download a copy of the Registration Excel to your computer by selecting File, then Save As, and Save As your Delegation Name-PPH Swim for the file name

Step 4: Complete a row for each Delegation member (HOD, Coach, Assistant Coaches, Athletes & Unified Partners). Complete all necessary YELLOW HIGHLIGHTED columns only.

Qualifying scores are required for all events. Please enter times by separating minutes, seconds and milliseconds with a period (vs colon). For example 1 minute 25.2 seconds should be entered 1.25.2  Thanks!

Step 5: Save your completed registration copy

Step 6: Email final Delegation registration to pphtina@somaine.org by 3/11 (Please put your Delegation Name-PPH Swim Registration in the email subject line- thank you!)


If you have any questions regarding the registration process for our PPH Area Swim Meet, please email pphtina@somaine.org.


Tips for using the excel spreadsheet:

  • Editing of the original link has been blocked, you must download a copy and enable editing of the copy.
  • The information you enter on the spreadsheet will be imported into our Games Management System (vs being manually entered as done previously). It is VERY important to include complete and accurate spellings of names and accurate DOB for all participants (including coaches) so that GMS does not create a different individual profile.
  • Incomplete forms with missing DOBs, events, qualifying scores, etc. will not be accepted.
  • Please use the dropdown selections for gender and events.
  • Enter qualifying scores with mm.ss.ms format, separating minutes, seconds and milliseconds with a period (vs colon) for example 2 min 10 sec should be 2.10.0 (note-if you put 2.10 it will be read as 2.1 seconds). For relays enter the team total.
  • Complete one line for each participant.
  • Be consistent with your delegation name (so GMS does not create separate delegations for you)
  • Do not modify the format of this spreadsheet.
  • We are here to help troubleshoot, and are learning as well to smooth out any kinks!


Reminder: Complete ALL required forms below for Athletes, Coaches, Volunteers & Partners prior to the event if you have not already done so previously.

Please review the Special Olympics Aquatics Rules & Regulations found here: Swim Rules


Please Note: Adult athletes competing in the Fundamental swim races will be swimming in the Means Pool. We are excited about this opportunity to offer a quieter space with warmer water for these athletes. This pool is next to the Aloupis pool but separated by a wall. Coaches will need to consider increased staff to cover this area. Fundamental swim races and Traditional swim races will be run simultaneously in their respective pools.


Fundamental Event Descriptions:

15 & 25 Yard Assisted Swim:

Each athlete is responsible for having his/her own coach/assistant.  The assistant may touch, guide or direct the athlete, but may not support or assist the athlete’s forward movement.  The athlete may use a flotation device.  The assistant may be in the pool or on deck.

15 Yard Flotation & 25 Yard Flotation Swim:

Each athlete is responsible for his/her own flotation device*.  These races do not allow physical assistance by coaches or volunteers once the race has begun.  However, coaches may assist athletes to hold their position at the start line, prior to the start of the race.

15 Yard Unassisted Swim:  

Athletes must swim the entire distance without assistance or flotation.  Coaches may offer encouragement and direction to athletes from outside the pool, only.  This event is basically a 15 yard Freestyle.


*Flotation Devices:  Athletes are responsible for his/her own flotation, which must be a U.S. Coast Guard approved device. Flotation devices such as kickboards, swim belts, inner tubes or floats that wrap around arms are not acceptable.


The outside lane request is only for athletes that would be unable to participate unless placed in an outside lane.


Athlete Swim Training: 

A minimum of 8 training sessions is required for this event.

The Bangor YMCA has offered use of their pool during lap swim time for free to Special Olympics athletes/teams.

Beginning 2/20 swim teams can access the lap pool for practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10am-11:30am and 1pm-2:30pm.

Athletes do not need to be members of the Y, however they need to complete the YMCA Release Form to use the facility if they are not a member. All athletes/teams will need to sign in at the front desk upon arrival. Athletes/teams should be mindful that they may have to share a lane to accommodate other community members using the pool at this time.



Certified Head Coach Swim Coaches Training Course:

February 24th in Waterville. Click here for more information and to sign up.



If you are interested in volunteering for this event please contact our volunteer coordinator, Heather Wheaton, heatherwspecialo@gmail.com.

The above information and Swim registration links are available on the somaine.org website by selecting the 3/29 event date on the Calendar of Events.

If you have any questions about the registration process, feel free to contact me at tina.specialo@gmail.com or the Event Chair, Andrea Lee, alee@rsu22.us.

Thank you!

Christina Ehrhard

Area Co-Manager and GMS Coordinator


March 29
8:00 am - 2:00 pm
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Bangor YMCA
17 2nd St
Bangor, Maine 04401 United States


Penobscot, Piscataquis & Hancock Area