Special Olympics Maine has 2 major health & wellness goals

  1. Improve the health status of people with intellectual disabilities

  2. Increase access to quality health care to individuals with intellectual disabilities.

Special Olympics Maine offers a variety of health and wellness programing to help reach our overarching goals. Throughout the year we offer virtual and in person structured fitness programing, nutritional education resources, family and caregiver health focused classes, Healthy Athletes screenings, referral assistance, access to the SO Fit Now APP and more!

Why is Health & Wellness important? Compared to people without an Intellectual Disability (ID), people with ID:

  • Die 16 years earlier on average
  • Are at a more unhealthy weight
  • Have less control over their nutrition
  • Tend to have higher blood pressure

Special Olympics is addressing these health inequities through phyiscal activity, health education, and partnering with and training health professionals to be better equipped to recognize the health needs of individuals with intellectual disability.


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