Athlete Registration Forms

“Let me win. But if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt.”
– Athlete Oath

Dear Special Olympics Athletes, Parents, and Guardians:

Through the power of sports, our athletes find joy, confidence and fulfillment — on the playing field and in life.  Whether you are new to Special Olympics or have been involved for years, we are excited you are part of the movement.

To register to become a new Special Olympics athlete, download and complete the SOMaine Athlete Registration Packet or for existing Special Olympics Athletes, who need to update a specific form, select that form from the list below.  Click on the form links below to submit online or follow the steps below to download:

  1. Download & Save Form
  2. Open saved form & fill out
  3. Save completed form with the name of the athlete (i.e. SOMaine Athlete Registration – John Doe)
  4. Submit all registration forms to:
    • BY EMAIL (recommended):
    • BY FAX: 1-888-490-0672
    • BY MAIL: Special Olympics Maine, 525 Main St Unit D, South Portland, ME 04106


The registration and release forms include:

  1. Registration Form: This form asks for contact and other information.  Submit online by clicking here or click here to download to complete
  2. Release Form: This form goes over risks, use of likenesses, emergency medical care, consent for health program participation, personal information, and other important details.  Submit online by clicking here or click here to download to complete
  3. Communicable Disease Release of Liability Waiver – All athletes, Unified partners, coaches and volunteers must submit this waiver to Special Olympics Maine prior to returning to in-person activities.  Submit online by clicking here or click here to download to complete
  4. COVID 19 Supplemental FormAll athletes, Unified partners, coaches and volunteers are requested to submit this form to Special Olympics Maine prior to returning to in-person activities. At this time, this information is just for planning purposes, not for qualification for Special Olympics Maine events.  Submit online via the Return to Play App by clicking here, or DocUSign or  click here to download to complete


The SOMaine Athlete Medical Form was updated in 2021. All new athletes must have a licensed health professional complete and sign the medical exam prior to ANY participation (this includes training, competitions, virtual activities etc.)  Existing athletes are required to submit an updated medical form every 3 years to clear participation. The medical form collects information in two parts:

  1. The Health History (pages 1 -2) is completed by the athlete, parent or guardian prior to the exam. The health history is important for two reasons: (a) to have medical information on hand during training and competition, in case of a medical emergency; and (b) to ensure that the physician is informed of the athlete’s health history when performing the exam.
  2. The Physical Exam (page 3) is completed by a licensed health professional who is qualified to conduct physical exams and prescribe medications. The Physical Exam page indicates if the athlete has been cleared by a health professional to participate in Special Olympics sports. If an athlete requires further examination due to a concerning health issue before clearance can be determined,  the health professional will indicate this on the Physical Exam page and the Medical Referral page (page 4) will then need to be  completed.


The Atlanto-axial Instability (AAI) Special Release Form and the Emergency Medical Care Refusal Form should only be completed as applicable and instructed in the Athlete Medical Form or Release Form.

  1. Atlanto-Axial Instability (AAI) Special Release Form: This form should only be completed if symptoms of spinal cord compression or Atlanto-axial instability were found in a pre-participation examination (as indicated on Medical Form Physical Exam page 3) and a doctor then provided clearance for participation following a neurological evaluation by completing the Medical Referral page (page 4 of the Medical Form).
  2. Emergency Medical Care Refusal Form: The Emergency Medical Care Refusal Form (formerly called the Religious Objections Form) is rarely used and should only be completed if an athlete or legal guardian does not consent to emergency medical care on religious or other grounds and has marked a box under the Emergency Care provision on the Athlete Release Form.

Recommendations: Electronically save or make 2 hard copies of the completed Athlete Registration forms and share:

  1. Submit to SOMaine State office electronically (preferred method)
  2. Share with Athlete’s Head of Delegation/Head Coach
  3. Save a copy for yourself.


Questions about competing and training as a Special Olympics athlete?

Director of Sports & Programs
Mike Littlefield
207-879-0489 x 15
1-888-490-0672 (Fax)