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Are you a fan of sports and coaching? Then you came to the right sport!  Our Coach Certification program prepares and educates Special Olympics coaches who want to improve their coaching skills, and better understand how to lead and support Special Olympics athletes.

The key to improving athlete performance and well-being is based on the quality of sport training and experiences provided by the local Special Olympics coach.  Special Olympics Maine's Coach Education System identifies basic standards and competencies necessary and essential for being a Special Olympics coach along with explaining the coach certification process.

Coach Description:  Coach refers to an individual who assumes responsibility for athletes, actively trains athletes and works directly with athletes on the field of play.  Coaches not only provide skills training for athletes but they are also role models and character builders.  Coaches give Special Olympics Athletes the most immediate awareness of their own worth, ability, courage and capacity to grow and improve.

The better the coach, the better the opportunity, the better the athlete!

Coach's Oath:  In the name of all coaches, we shall follow written and verbal instructions of Special Olympics officials at all times, have our athletes at the appropriate events and activities at the proper time and abide by the rules and policies, in the spirit of sportsmanship.

Minimum criteria to become a Special Olympics Maine Coach (head & assistant coaches - any individual, 16 & older, that will be attending & supervising Special Olympics Athletes at any SOME competition/event).  To attend any Special Olympics Maine event, an individual must complete the following prior to their involvement:

  1. Complete the SOME Volunteer A Form (must occur every three years) – SOMaine Volunteer Registration
  2. Complete the online Protective Behaviors (must occur every three years) - Click here to complete the online Protective Behaviors course.
  3. Complete the online Concussion Awareness Course (must occur every three years) –
    1. Click here to complete the NFHS Concussion Awareness Course or
    2. Click here to complete the CDC Concussion Awareness Course
  4. Adhere to SOME Coach’s Code of Conduct - Click here for the Coach Code of Conduct

Minimum criteria to become a Special Olympics Maine certified Head coach – Delegations are required to have a certified Head Coach at all State/Regional Level competitions for each sport specific team their athletes compete in.  New delegations and existing delegations that need to replace a head coach will have 1 year to meet their delegation’s head coach requirements.

Head Coach: (Level 1 Coach Certification is required to participate in any State/Regional level SOME competitions) Assumes overall responsibility for a delegation’s sport specific team.  They must be at least 18 years of age and a responsible individual who can commit time on a weekly basis throughout the respective sport season.  In the sports of Basketball and Soccer, delegations that have multiple teams must have a certified head coach for each of the teams competing from their delegation (i.e. A delegation brings 2 soccer teams to compete, each of their 2 teams must have 1 certified head coach in soccer).

To become a certified Head Coach, a coach must attend a Coach's Training School in the sport their athletes compete in.  Coach's Training Schools are offered throughout the year and state to provide skills and tools needed to coach Special Olympics Athletes in the sports they train and compete in. Click here for more information on Coach's Training Schools. Click here to visit the Coach's Corner. View the Special Olympics Maine's Coach Education System to learn more about the coach certification process.

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