Weekly Warrior

Welcome Athletes!

Special Olympics Maine along with Special Olympics Inc. is introducing a whole new way to exercise… AT HOME!

All participants that are not properly registered for Special Olympics Maine programs & activities must review and comply with the SOMaine E PARTICIPANT DISCLAIMER

Click Here to Watch Videos 1 – 4

Click Here to Watch Tabata Workout

Click Here to Watch Wolfpack Fitness Workout

Click Here to Watch AMRAP Workout

Click Here to Watch an Adaptive Yoga Workout

Click Here to Watch Swim-Specific Training Workout

Click Here to Watch WolfPack Fitness 2.0

Click Here to Watch Swim-Specific Workout (2.0) by AYCC Unified Champion Club

“Click Here to Watch AOEC 2.0 Workout”

Click Here to Watch Cody Mooney’s Adaptive CrossFit Workout Video

Click Here to Watch Brad Shafran’s Flow Routine

Make (and reach!) your fitness goals.

Fill out a Fitness Tracker to get the most out of your workouts! Download and print out your tracker, and write down when you work out. Seeing your progress on paper can motivate you, help you set realistic fitness goals, and even beat them.   Click here for your month-long Fitness Tracker

Get Rewarded!

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Athletes will be entered into a drawing for Special Olympics Maine Swag Prizes!

  • Suggested 3-4 days of workout videos
  • Complete SOME Weekly Warrior Google Form at the end of each week

Hey Coaches and Caregivers!

Special Olympics has released optimal healthy resources for you as well! The Coaches Playbook and the Caregiver Kit are two resources created to help make work outs fun and healthy eating habits easily achieved!

  • The Coaches Playbook:  Use our Coach’s Playbook to help make working out feel fun during training sessions. You can also use it to give athletes exercise ideas they can do on their own.

Click Here to Download the Coaches Playbook!

  • The Caregivers Kit:  Find even more ways to have fun while eating healthy with our Caregiver’s Kit. You’ll get nutrition tips and tricks that encourage your athlete to make healthy choices on their own. You’ll also get a fitness tracker you and your athlete can use to set goals and record progress.

Click Here to Download the Caregivers Kit

Be on the lookout for new weekly videos and extra challenges coming soon!


Every Wednesday, Special Olympics Maine will be offering a new workout for our athletes, coaches, unified partners, and volunteers! These Wednesday’s will feature guest coaches and modifications to exercises. Check out Special Olympics Maine Facebook Page & Special Olympics Maine YouTube Channel to access ALL workouts!LL workouts!

Events and Training Schools

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